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Hey There

Im so excited to shore my passion for my art with you. Right now Im in the studio, the weather has been n!dreadful here in Texas, and I have an opportunity to get out and create. So stay tuned  for more info here soon.

All About Me

I have always had a connection with gardening. both of my grandmothers influenced me with their wonderful gardens filled with rhubarb, peonies and lilacs. I loved spending time with them durring the summer time.     more coming soon!


About The Process of Eco-printing
(Or do you prefer Botanical Printing?)


            The process involves mordanting, then bundling plant materials and fabric together, then steaming or boiling the bundle to transfer the pigment and patterns from the plants to the fabric or paper.  The method can vary depending on the mordants (metal salts), tannins and flora used. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind print capturing the beauty of nature. Natural dyes are used to pigment the background as well.
         This allows me to work in harmony with the Mother Nature, the seasons,  and using materials that are grown, found, shared, or responsibly foraged. E
co-printing not only links contemporary fiber art to respect for natural environments but also to the recovery of lost dye- and plant-knowledge, and an appreciation for the creative process carried out from the heart.         
          In  using clothing that has been "rescued" or purchased from charity shops, this adds to the sustainability of the art. Did you know that only 10 - 20 % of clothing that is donated is actually sold back into use? Where does he rest go? 

         They call it Eco-printing for a variety of reasons. Obviously it connects us with the ecology of our environment. Using natural dyes and mordants that are kind to that environment is the key. Also we use as little water as possible. 

Get in Touch
If you have any questions about any item, or would like to see more images, contact me here.

5121 W. Hwy 90

Schulenburg Tx 7956


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