Greetings, and welcome to my website.
Thanks for entering my creative domain! Ill share a little about myself and if you want to here my whole story click the button!

I Love to garden, and my vegetable patch has grown tremendously with the Covid  going on. It has been my sanctuary.   I use the leaves in my art as well!  And I have many more gardens to select leaves from too!

Ive been creating in concrete for a dozen years or so. Moving into this medium from mosaic, and now as my art has evolved i now am creating sculptures that merit a bit of mosaic! It a coming full circle, and that exactly where it began. I concreted a exercise ball to mosaic and it put it all in motion.  I am now about to create a whole series of my concrete couture pieces and it will be called Having A Ball. there will be animal faced kiddos playing on them!

So what else do you want to know?  I love our home that Jon McIntyre and I have built  just outside of Schulenburg. We have been here about 9 years or so.  And I love to garden! It is where have found sancturary in the midst of our crazy world right now.  And of coarse I use the leaves in my art!

I enjoy rock balancing, having found this meditative hobby after loosing my son Mason Bednar nearly 5 years ago.

This year I participated in the Llano Earth Art Festivals International Rock Balancing contest and won second place. Against contestants from all over the world! I was so honored. My women friends and I entered the team arch building and we won third! We ROCK! 

This is my balance piece. You had three minutes to create a stack that is balanced, using the same stones all the other contestants use, with everyone watching! YIKES!