Tilly, the gardening granny offers a basket of goodies to her grandchild Mason. This sculpture was created with the help of many volunteers! 175 hours were logged by them in this project funded by The National Endowment Of the Arts! How cool is that?  The project is called Art Bridging Community and is in Smithville, Texas.The idea is to create community through creating art together and it worked tremendously for me! I have rekindled high school friends, made new friends and refreshed relations with current friends through the span of 6 weeks. People watched on Facebook from all over the world as it all came together.

I chose the site at the Community Gardens on River Street because I think what they do is so honorable! The organization plants the garden and if your hungry, you go and harvest what you need. All they ask in return is you stay a bit longer to pull some weeds or help water the garden.

Here is the complete set of sculptures in their new home in the garden. The history of the property tells a tale of the woman who once lived there. She was a fantastic baker and also had the coldest water well in the area. So when a fresh batch of cookies were ready, she would call her neighbors over to enjoy!