When you purchase one of our fountains you will see just 

how easy it is to set up and care for! We also have some videos below to help too.


Here are a few products we recommend to help keep them clean and 

pest free. Info on our pumps and how to set them up, too!


A product I recommend for helping to reduce mineral build up in your fountains and bird baths. If you have hard water like me it comes in handy! Just a drop per gallon of water a month will help. Available on Amazon.


An algaecide that is great for fountains and bird baths. It does not harm animals or birds and a drop per gallon of water is all that is needed weekly!  Available on Amazon.

Mosquito Bites

These things are great for standing water to keep pesky bugs away. I got mine from Walmart.

Teton Pumps 

These are the best pumps we have found by far. They are German made and have a three year warranty! Also if the bushings go out on the impeller you can get a replacement for under a dollar! Magnetically driven, they will not go out on you if your fountain runs dry. They even have a 16 ft long grounded cord too!